Understanding the Capabilities of Airborne Geophysical Surveys

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Realizing the Capabilities of Airborne Geographical Surveys

Airborne surveys make it possible for companies to efficiently acquire detailed geophysical data from large areas of interest. An aircraft with specialized sensors pass over a large area and detect important readings pertaining to the magnetic, electromagnetic, radiometric or gravity properties in the area. This type of geophysical information is incredibly valuable for mining companies or petroleum companies because these readings can be analyzed to identify the presence of valuable commodities.
Airborne surveys greatly increase the convenience and efficiency in which a company can accurately survey a large area. It requires much less time and manpower to produce incredibly accurate results which are extremely important to the continued livelihood of mineral exploration and petroleum exploration companies. Different types of forensic and archaeological research companies also stand to benefit from the cost-effective mapping analysis that is possible with airborne geophysical surveys.

The Best Airborne Geophysical Surveys

Reputable airborne survey companies such as Terraquest Ltd. use multiple types of technologies, sensors and survey methods in order to provide the most comprehensive and accurate geophysical mapping possible. Having access to multiple types of readings from the survey makes it possible for more thorough analysis of the area and better identification of the different types of minerals and other commodities that are present.

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